Terms of Service

You may browse our site, place orders for personalised promotional things that we carry, and educate yourself about our industry and connected industries. However, we will become legally upset if you use our site for any illegal activity, and/or if you download (copy, capture, or memorise) information from our site and use it, directly or indirectly, to generate a profit without our consent.

We are continually updating and maintaining our site, but this does not alter reality (for the better), therefore all pricing is subject to change at any time, and we must reserve the right to make those changes as needed.

We do our best to ensure that the product photographs on our website reflect the same colours and measurements as the actual goods, but we cannot guarantee that they will.

If necessary, Customprintwetwipes.com maintains the right to cancel an order. If your order is cancelled, you will, of course, be fully refunded.

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