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What are Private Label Wet Wipes?

Private label wet wipes are the method when a manufacturer manufactures unique wet wipes or other products to be sold by another brand’s name. The products that are uniquely manufactured by one company to another brand’s name. Choosing private label wet wipes manufacturers for your restaurant brand can help you put a mark on your customers. It acts like branding for your restaurant. Buy our pre-made wipes in bulk and customize them with your branding, logo, and packaging.

Private Label Wipes Manufacturer

Custom Print Wet Wipes is one of the leading private label wet wipes manufacturers with a proven record of quality, success and innovation. We thrive in producing innovative and sustainable wet wipes because of our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. Our products match your demands with great quality while rapidly reducing our carbon footprint, allowing you to make a positive environmental difference.

We collaborate closely with our clients to develop products that are best suited to consumer demands. Our wet wipes are non-alcoholic and come in four different aromas, lemon, rose, lavender, and aloe. But we will change the size, shape, weight, aroma, and packaging of any product according to your taste.

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What We Do

Private label wet wipes manufacturers

Wholesale bulk wet wipes

Custom print wet wipes manufacturer

Why Partner With Us?

Quality Guarantee

We plan to ensure the privacy and security of all of our clients so that they are confident putting their names on the things we make.


We have remained firm in our approach to meeting the different demands of the B2B markets for many years.

Versatile Marketing Tool

Getting custom print wet wipes is a subtle yet effective marketing tool. It leaves a memorable mark on your customer’s mind.

Professional Image

Professionally investing in our branded wet wipes is a great way to show that you care about your customers and want to improve your company's reputation.

Custom Products

Tailored just for your brand so that you can connect with your customers. Custom packaging and aromas exclusively for your brand.


We provide delightful packaging designs that are customised to your specifications and the brand.

Your Signature Touch, Our Custom Wet Wipes

Benefits of Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturer

Private labelling is a popular type of merchandising that may provide significant returns on investment for both store owners and producers. A private label business can provide several advantages to both manufacturers and retailers.

1. High profit margin
2. Unique value proposition
3. Lower operating costs
4. Provides greater marketing stability
5. Customized price control
6. Adaptability

Global Custom-Print Wet Wipes Experts

Our manufacturing facilities on a global level allow us to respond swiftly to your brand’s requirements. Our manufacturing skills allow us to produce and deliver goods to exact customer specifications, in bulk, and on schedule. With private label wipes manufacturer experience in custom print wet wipes, we proactively seek to improve our customers' product lines while protecting and enhancing their brand quality and visibility. We ensure that the quality and your business goals are supported by our products.

Sustainable Solutions

As private label wet wipes manufacturers that provide custom wet wipe solutions to multiple brands, we are committed to making a positive impact sustainably as our wet wipes are eco-friendly.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Sustainable wet wipes typically employ eco-conscious manufacturing methods that decrease greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage.

Conscious Raw Material Selection

Sustainable raw materials maintain natural resources and biodiversity, making the earth greener for future generations.

Green Packaging

Our sustainable packaging portrays our commitment to a greener future. In addition to being safe, your products are environmentally friendly.

Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturers

We provide support for your brand development as a private label wipes manufacturer that specializes in wet wipes private label production. Our constant pursuit of product innovation and commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards not only meets our client's expectations but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

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